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Mona Faces tips students on making career out of makeup

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By Hussein Kiganda

Prominent makeup artist Monalisa Umutoni, widely recognised as Mona Faces, hosted an enlightening session on beauty during the fifth anniversary celebration of the Mona Masterclass, held on September 10 and 11, 2023, at the Activate Body Therapy Health Club in Kampala.

Addressing makeup enthusiasts and scholars, Monalisa, who has deeply honed her makeup artistry, emphasised that becoming an expert in this field demands unwavering dedication, genuine passion, and above all, a commitment to professionalism.

“You must nurture a genuine passion for this craft, invest time in practice, master your skills, and then maintain the highest level of professionalism to leave a lasting impression,” she emphasised.

Mona also highlighted that makeup should be regarded as a business endeavor. Makeup artists should explore the lucrative potential it holds and consider it a means of sustenance. She encouraged makeup scholars to apply entrepreneurial skills to transform their passion into a livelihood.

An attendee applies makeup during Monalisa’s masterclass at the Activate Body Therapy Health Club in Kampala, on September 10, 2023. Courtesy photo

During her training session, the makeup guru delved into diverse topics, including skincare techniques, makeup application methods, facial enhancement, makeup maintenance, and much more.

Renowned beauty models Nkwazi and Bhavya Kalsi, celebrated for their distinctive facial features, generously offered their faces as a canvas for scholars to practice and refine their makeup skills. Monalisa utilised their profiles to underscore the significance of social media marketing and personal branding in the industry.

Having acquired invaluable skills and knowledge, the students were treated to a lavish cocktail reception and a delightful revelry that left them in awe.

Upon the culmination of the masterclass, students were rewarded with a range of makeup treasures, including the Mona Magic Mist, a collection of top-tier makeup brushes by Monalisa, cosmetics, handbags, and various other generous gifts.

Nurturing her passion for makeup since childhood, Monalisa evolved into a highly successful makeup guru. She embarked on her journey by learning from online platforms like YouTube, gradually honing her craft through practice on friends and family, before showcasing her exceptional work on social media.

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