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Mona Faces holds 2022 masterclass

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By Ivan Kabuye 
Monalisa Umutoni popularly known as Mona faces a well-renowned makeup artist, over the weekend held the fourth edition of the Mona faces a master class of 2022.
It was a two-day event that took place at Onomo hotel Nakasero.
Usually, makeup masterclasses run for a few hours but the makeup genius dedicated two days to pass on the knowledge she knows about makeup to those interested in everything to do with makeup.
The first day of the class started with a light breakfast before they headed into the class.
The student’s tables were organized with a new makeup kit, a gift bag from Mona, notebooks, pens, a Mona T-shirt, and mirrors among other things.
The make up master class was dedicated to the basics of make up (Photo: Ivan Kabuye) 
At around 10 am, Mona arrived and introduced herself to the class before she kicked off the first session.  She started by taking the class through the basics of makeup explaining how brushes and different things work as he demonstrated using Cynthia, her muse of the day.
After lunch, everyone was required to practice what was taught earlier with the guidance of Mona and her team.
By the end of the day, most of the female student’s faces were transformed. Day 2 which was also the final day saw her take the class through some of her most popular looks this time using a muse with a fairly dark skin tone. Through all the sessions, she was asked questions to which she gladly replied.
Do-it-yourself: One of the attendees fixing eye lashes at the masterclass (photo: Ivan Kabuye)
According to Mona, this is the only way she can share what she has learned along the way.
A past student who has attended the class before is grateful to Mona for the opportunity as it gave her the confidence to start her own makeup studio.

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