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Momo 19, Daxx Kartel back together

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By Alex Balimwikungu

The on-off couple of singer Daxx Kartel and his TV presenter wife, Maureen Naluwooza (Momo 19), are on again.

In May 2021, Momo -19 took to social media to reveal that she was single.   The party animal with a jet-set life then revealed that Daxx Kartel had failed to match her high ambitions and he had chosen to sulk as she flew to Dubai and South Africa for business.

Then, Daxx Kartel’s main complaint was that his wife of six years had refused to bless their union with a child and had run out of excuses. He went to studio and recorded a song, “enswa”, which alluded to her suspected infidelity.

In the ensuing months, Daxx Kartel slipped depression with close friends advising him to move on.  He was adamant the estranged wife would come back.    It has happened.   The couple has reconciled and have gone public about it.

Upon hearing that her lawfully wedded husband had suffered a meltdown, Momo 19, decided to give a second shot at their relationship.

“They are back together and are giving their relationship a second shot,” a friend to the couple revealed.

The BBS Television presenter confirmed being back with the singer and maintained that she will never let go of him again.

Her comment read, “Ono owange simuta ate mu lo. Am I communicating? Mukyala Cartel omu bwati. Are you still doubting mikwano?”.  It is indeed early Christmas for Daxx Kartel who had since shied from public appearances.

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