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Model Doreen Kabareebe finds love in the US

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Model Doreen Kabareebe was thrust in the limelight in October 2012 when she was romantically linked to Jose Chameleone.  Then, Chameleone was seen holding her exposed butt cheeks backstage. 

Then, she denied dating Chameleone. In an interview she explained, “I get along with celebrities because I’m always in the same circles. Birds of the same feathers, I do not date celebrity material.”

She then went off the social scene and was later discovered to be working in the Middle East for several years before she made a lowkey return.

Then, she revealed that she had given her life to Christ and had started a charity organization in memory of her late father, former MP Amon Muzoora.

Doreen Kabareebe has always been cagey about her love life. File Photo

In relation to her personal life, Kabareebe revealed that she wouldn’t date Ugandan men but kept her romantic cards close to her chest.  This response came after she dazzled at this year’s Bride and Groom Expo, where many men gawked at her as she modelled lingerie.

Having been certified as the Miss Uganda World International 2020 on 24th August, Doreen Kabareebe was later selected to fly to Miami, USA to represent Uganda at the Ms. World International pageant.

            The 31-year-old Kabareebe, who has since moved to the US looks like she has no plans of returning to Uganda.  She has also found love there, if a revelation on her twitter account is anything to go by.  She revealed that she is not single anymore in a caption attached to a photo of herself and her man.

The love for privacy had her covering the gentleman’s face in the picture which she captioned, “So you thought I was single? Might delete later.” She later deleted the tweet but well, the message had already been passed on and we are aware that he is not a Ugandan man.

Before she flew to the US, Kabareebe said no one here had helped her with her travel itinerary as she had a sponsor to do so. Could he be the one in the photo? Anyone’s guess.  Congratulations are in order.

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