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Mobile money fraudsters target Aldrine Nsubuga

by Editorial Team
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By Alfred Byenkya 

Soccer analyst and marketing guru Aldine Nsubuga has asked the public to support him expose MTN employees and Mobile Money agents that are stealing money from customers MOMO Accounts

Nsubuga said many MTN MOMO customers are losing their money to agents and fraudsters but the company is not doing enough to curb the problem

He has asked Ugandans to be vigilant when doing transactions when transacting money using their mobile money accounts because the company hasn’t found a solution to this problem

“Recently I survived losing savings of 7,980,000 that is on my MTN Mobile Money Account. On  Sunday,15th,January,2023,I woke up from sleep and found messages on my phone indicating that I had failed to send 7,980,000 to someone yet I never had any transaction of that amount before going to sleep,” he said in along Facebook post to his 5000 Facebook followers

He said someone at the company was behind this attempted fraud because how did that know that I have shs worth 7,980,000 on his account

“Secondly, how did they know my PIN. Does this suggest that as soon as we deposit our money on our accounts, the thieves get an alert? Meaning this found is being done by MTN Uganda employees or agents,” he wondered.

He ended his post by asking MTN top management to address this criminality because it will make customers lose confidence in this business.

Another recent victim named Mercy Nalusiba said she recently lost her money after doing a withdraw request at Garden City MTN service centre on 13th,June,2023.

 “At the centre, of the girls working there defrauded me after claiming that the money i had requested to withdraw had been withdrawn by another person using another account,” she said in a long Facebook post.

She said she contacted MTN Head office but they told her that the number of the person that withdraw the money she had requested had already used the funds.

 “Even the other MTN service centres where I went including the one at Forest Mall couldn’t help. I was pregnant and I was tired of moving up and down and gave up on the money,” she narrated. 

She instead proceeded to Jinja Road police station to report the matter and she made a statement but she lost hope after her file went missing mysteriously.

“My friends do not fall victim to such fraud. Before doing any transaction with any Mobile Money agent ,Always confirm the agent which mobile money number and write it down Remember these agents do not give you that information and most of them trade under many different numbers,” she added

In 29th, March, 2022, MTN Uganda appealed to all their customers to follow the golden rules of security when transacting using MTN Mobile Money and these include No sharing of MOMO PINS and the use of weak passwords.

“Do not use simple PIN combinations that can easily be guessed; e.g., 0-0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4-5; if a customer is currently using one, we urge them to change the PIN immediately,” they added in a statement.

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