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Miss World finale: A celebration of Uganda’s beauty queens through the years

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

The long awaited day has come. The Miss World grand finale takes place today, Thursday, at Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For us in Uganda, it means we shall catch the action at 2:00am this Friday.

Uganda’s representative, Elizabeth Bagaya, who  is competing against 97 other contestants, is carrying the country’s hopes on her shoulders. Last month, during her homecoming/sendoff party in Fort Portal city, the 26-year-old  promised to do her best at Miss World. She asked for your support and you voted her, didn’t you?

The last time a Ugandan beauty queen scaled the heights at the Miss World contest was in 2018 when Quiin Abenakyo finished fourth and was crowned Miss World Africa. The onus is now on Bagaya to make good on her promise.

Speaking at the Uganda Media Centre at the beginning of last month, the Minister of State for Tourism, Martin Mugarra Bahinduka, rallied Ugandans to donate to a fundraiser to enable Bagaya travel to Puerto Rico.

“Recently, we had Quiin Abenakyo (Miss Uganda 2018) carry the crown as the best in Africa and I have heard Bagaya is already ranked top 10, so we are sure she can bring the crown home,” he said then.

Bagaya landed in Puerto Rico a fortnight ago, following visa complications that had delayed her in Uganda. In fact, she landed there a day to the deadline of all contestants’ arrival.

In her introductory video, she showcased Uganda’s natural wonders such as the longest river in the world, River Nile, mountain gorillas and diverse cultures, explaining why Uganda was such a special country.

As we drum support for Bagaya, feast your eyes on past Miss Uganda queens from as far back as 1990. Where were you then? Were you eating things? Were you a zygote? Or are you just wasted sperm? Anyhow, enjoy! The crown must come to the Pearl of Africa. Go Bagaya!


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