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Miss and Mr. Bukedde: Viewers throw jabs at judges as 65 proceed to next level

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Viewers and netizens are throwing hot comments at the judges of the Miss and Mr. Bukedde contest, as it closes in to its peak.

On social media, many have started using the phrase, “It is a no for me,” to imitate the judges on the panel. This has been used by mostly women describing how they would turn down a man’s proposal. A one Claire Nakyanzi and several others wrote the phrase on their handles.

Others have written furious comments on judges’ verdicts followed by disappointing comments on several contestants’ performances.

“Fifi asikidde Alex Mukulu as far as judging is concerned,” Don Immy wrote.

“It is a yes to me…what if she did not have a bra, u wanted her to go borrow for the competition, judges check yourself,” Belah Favour commented on Bukedde TV’s post.

“But mama Nandujja olabika oli mukodo, eee, everyone mbu tekivudeyo? I am disappointed, plz mama listen to your song Endabadda then you will give her yes kuba nawe ebibyo byakupanga panga… my side the lady deserves a big yes,” Bint Uthman Sitya Loss wrote.

“Fifi, I love the way you judge,” Lulangirwa Deo said.

“Judge Fifi is professional,” Kisaakye Recheal replied.

Last Sunday, about 65 contestants managed to proceed to the next level of the contest. Among them are singers, comedians, news anchors, models, cooks and dancers. Fans and supporters are urged to vote for their favourite contestants as many times as they can.

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