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Minister Baryomunsi condemns “Kampala pothole exhibition”

by Editorial Team
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By Alfred Byenkya

ICT and national guidance minister Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has condemned the ongoing “Kampala pothole exhibition”, which involves people taking and sharing of photos of potholes in Kampala on social media.

He punched holes in the manner in which the exhibition was being conducted, saying national issues are not supposed to be addressed on social media.

Baryomunsi noted that those taking the photos should share them with their local leaders, saying they were elected to represent them.

“If you take  a photo of a pothole and publish it on social media, will that translate into working on the road? But if someone shares the photo with their councillor, then it makes sense because the councillor will raise the matter to the people that are concerned,” he said.

The minister warned social media users to stop using social media to ‘malign’ individuals, government agencies and ministries.

“Let us use technology in a responsible manner, otherwise you will make up come up with very stringent measures, which again you will complain about,” he said.

Baryomunsi made the remarks from the information ministry offices in Kampala on Wednesday, April 19. 

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