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Migos’ Takeoff shot dead, ‘Boujee’ Ugandans react

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By Ahmad Muto

Migos’ rapper Takeoff, 28, who happened to be one third of the American rap group, was shot dead on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 in Houston, Texas, USA. It was reportedly over a dice game that went wrong.

At the time of the shooting, it is reported that he was at a bowling alley with his groupmate and uncle, Quavo, 31, who survived.

Started in 2008, the group members were; Offset (Takeoff’s cousin), Takeoff and Quavo.
One of their most popular songs in Ugandan nightclubs, radios and TVs are Bad and Boujee, followed by Motorsport and Walk It Talk it. They have a sizeable fanbase in Kampala that ‘Boujee’ got added to Kampala’s street lingual and used interchangeably with ‘Cool.’

Local fans of the group took to Twitter to share their heartbreak over Takeoff’s death, but also those hearing about the individual artiste for the first time showed up, while for others, it was just purely FOMO;

@Boris001234: “X got killed over a bike and a Louis bag, Pop smoke got killed over a watch & chain, Pnb got killed over a chain eating waffles and now Takeoff got killed over a game of dice. I hate everything about this world, Rest easy Takeoff. Praying for Migos.”

@Mwami Laban: “Is that Takeoff news real?”

@glesomu: Am I the only one who didn’t know this guy or y’all are assuming loyalty?”

@arindaela: Takeoff this, Takeoff that, how many songs do you know by Migos? “

@bamwinejr: This girl just said Offtake has passed on.”

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