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Mesach Semakula set for specialised treatment in India

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By Alfred Byenkya

Ugandan musician Mesach Semakula has confirmed that he is sick and will be travelling to India for specialized  treatment

He told Bukedde TV entertainment show on Monday 29th,May,2023 that he is sick and even held his concert while sick but never wanted his fans to understand this challenge

 I have already booked the hospital and I will be travelling there  soon to get  more checks done,” he said

He said that he recently went to Mengo Hospital and was told that blood vessels in his legs had been damaged and that he might require surgery.

The strange disease has affected his legs, causing them to swell

He said the disease started in 2006,the year he launched in his “First Aid” song at Hotel Africana

“ I did the entire show in severe pain although nobody ever noticed. My leg weighed about 18 kgs. I remember I got 8 painkiller injections just to be able to wear my shoes. Getting on the stage, they came carrying me, but we made it look like it was all part of the show; but the legs were actually badly swollen, and leaking water. Every time I left the stage, the shoes were filled with water,” he said.

In 2016, he travelled to the US to find out what was making his legs swell but the doctors failed to properly diagnose him. His fams pegged it on witchcraft.

Recently,former Eagles Production and Golden Band singer Maureen Nantume  told his social media followers that her colleague needs prayers because he is bedridden at his home in Buziga 

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