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Merrymakers throng Mbale City for Christmas

by Editorial Team
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By Titus Kakembo

Mbale City has been left on fire after merry makers of the Elgon region scaled Mount Wanale, stormed bars and dance halls where they were seen pumping and spinning their torsos to the erotic Kadodi drum beat.

La Tanj  on Naboa Road, Rooftop near the Clock Tower and The Oak clubs had their bars emptied as three hundred Kampalans and their hosts guzzled beers, spirits and wines as if there was no tomorrow.

By mid-night, new found lovers were dancing themselves lame, whispering sweet nothings and promising each everlasting love.

A cocktail at Court View Hotel was the starter. Wine tumblers were tipped empty. In 30 minutes, Nile Beer was out of stock. Invited guests opted for other brands with a vengeance.

The guest of honor was the Minister of Tourism Martin Magara who did not disappoint the revelers, investors and players in the tourism industry.

“Exploit the existing opportunities while they last,” said Magara. “Market destination Elgon to enable you to grab more of the tourism revenue.”

Adding that, given a liberalized economy investors have their noses on full alert for the spoor of new attractions.

“Besides climbing Mount Wanale, Bugisu has a wealth of culture like the Kadodi beat, Imbalu, Malewa sauce, Abayudaya (Ugandan Jews) and the vibrant nightlife,” noted Magara.  

Scaling Wanale hill is a new nature walk experience in Bugisu Photo by Titus Kakembo

A random sampling of the nightlife was a revelation of the character of Mbale City residents. They dance from 9:00pm till sun down.

La Tanj which was previously Elgonia is where the high-end nightlife lovers listen to live Jazz, Rock and Roll and Reggae music. A beer has a price tag of sh5000. The air is scented with an open oven roasting thighs and breasts of chicken.

Roof Top adjacent to the clock tower is packed to capacity with budget spenders who dance until their faces are matted with sweat beads. Spirits are tanked to get the guts to and say what one would not while sober.

A trip to Mbale minus a Kadodi jig is incomplete Photo by Titus Kakembo

The Golf Club is back to life and had its annual Elgon Tournament attracting golfers from Kenya, Arua, Tororo, Jinja and Entebbe. Corporate patrons love to  drop in for Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis and a pint too many beers.

The Oak in Namatala is the mother of all happening places in Mbale. The place is busier on Mondays than weekends.

Girls dare shy girls to the dance floor when they like their looks. They buy the first and second round of beer to trigger Mukono Gamu (hard up patrons) to open up.

As the ministry of tourism battles to re-invigorate domestic tourism, Mbale is a gem with an appeal for mountain climbers, bird watchers, sports, culture enthusiasts, faith tourists and historians.

Public buses and taxis from Kampala to Mbale operate round the clock. Private means of transport enables one to sample the Ugandan version of snacks

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