Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Memes can’t bring me down- Model Kabareebe

by Editorial Team
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Former high flying model Doreen Kabareebe is feeling the real pinch of the lockdown in Uganda.

However, she has chosen to live the opposite at least on social media.  The model, who lives a picture-perfect life on social media is fuming as bloggers had a field day; turning her into a butt of jokes.

Appearing on a local radio station, she claimed she couldn’t even give a second look at a man without a car- however handsome he appeared.

Fate is cruel. Somehow, she was later snapped leaving the Kansanga –based radio station, perched on a motor cycle (Okada).  Twitter had a field day roasting her.

Many laughed at the model saying that she shows a good life on social media while she is suffering from poverty in real life.

“Lady who said she can’t date a man who doesn’t have a car, degraded mercilessly after being spotted on an okada.” One wrote.

The model was stung.  “All those that know me are busy laughing at the “high maintenance claims” as put by some media houses. I am down to earth and I don’t mind using any means of transportation. I will keep using Okadaz as long as they help me get to my given destination on time,” She said.  She said memes can’t bring her down.

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