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Media delights in Bailey’s treat

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

It is the newest baby among Uganda Breweries’ innovations. When the media was invited to taste the new Bailey’s Delight- a delicious blend of cream liquor with a splash of African honey, long lost faces showed up at Sheraton Hotel.

For many, judging from the decoration, it looked like a day for speeches from product managers interspersed with light drinking.  There were no such speeches. Simon Lapyem, the Innovations Project Manager, Uganda Breweries said it was a day to appreciate the media.

The media turned up in big numbers at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel

For one odd reason, media guys pride in hard drinks. It was quite a sight seeing people like Campus Bee’s CEO, Emmy Omongin and Urban TV Erasmus Wandera turn mellow at each sip of the Bailey’s Delight.

For someone weaned on hard stuff, it was a new experience.   I discovered that when you take a sip of Baileys, the pleasure comes in waves.

For many in attendance, Christmas came early

The cream melts releasing the whiskey, which slips down, warming your taste buds, the chocolate delights your tongue, whilst the thick silky cream coats your mouth. It’s a truly memorable experience.

The evening was crowned with a quiz, which was won by Vision Group’s Jariat Nakitende followed by Erasmus Wandera.  They were rewarded with hampers.   Had it not been for curfew, many would have stayed for the night.


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