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MC Kats should tame his anger – Vampino

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Dancehall singer Vampino (formerly Vamposs), who featured prominently in city events emcee and media personality MC Kats’ vitriol against Swangz Avenue’s Julius Kyazze, has pinned MC Kats’ allegations on untamed anger.

Speaking to The Kampala Sun, he said he has his eyes on MC Kats and his boiling rage for now and how everything else is panning out, treading carefully not to get caught up in the cross fire.

“I am just watching him for now. I am not going to be part of the anger Kats is releasing, let him first deal with it. Whatever he is talking about is up to him. Let him deal with what is fueling his energy and triggered him to say all that. I am a spectator for now, just watching what’s going on,” said Vampino.

MC Kats mentioned Kiwundo as the place in a garage with a laptop and keyboard where they used to spend their time at before he met Kyazze, and it’s a part of the Muswangali story that later became Swangz Avenue. Kiwundo is Vampino’s music camp that he has told us is now based in Rwanda. For Muswangali, he will open up about it when the storm settles and he is ready.

MC Kats attributed the genesis of Swangz Avenue to Smart Wire singer Vampino,  saying he got cheated out of it and does not own a single share, also lost his singing partner Benon Mugumbya to Kyazze’s plot.

He claimed that Vampino went to the US for the UNAA Convention, got a mixer that Benon returned with while he stayed back there for eight more months looking for the money that started Swangz Avenue.

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