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MC Casmir to pursue tormentors for invading his privacy

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By Alex Balimwikungu

MC Casmir, real name Casmir Mukisa Kimenyi infamously graced gossip columns after he was nabbed in a compromising position with a married woman.

In a video doing rounds, a fully clothed MC Casmir is seen pleading profusely with security personnel.

The bed is earmarked a crime scene. Besides Casmir is a woman who looks scared just like a rabbit staring into flickering lights.

In the video, Casmir apologizes to the man behind the camera, asking for forgiveness. The unseen man is believed to be the hubby to the lady in the video.

Following the incident that happened on Wednesday, MC Casmir, who had maintained a deathly silence, has finally spoken.  He has vowed to bring to justice whoever was involved in humiliating him.

In a statement released on MC Casmir’s Instagram page on Thursday morning, he reveals how the incident happened at his house.

He vows to sue whoever caused him humiliation including the man that recorded the viral video, and the officers that turned his house into a crime scene and arrested him.

” I am out  safe and sound. Ladies and Gentlemen, this case has attracted public and state interest because of the video circulating. Officers involved at my house that turned it into a crime seen (Sic), those that arrested me and the man who recorded video are all being brought to justice one by one. Damages caused will be cleared. Thanks to those standing by me,” he wrote.

This comes at a time celebrities like Maurice Kirya lambasted the invading party and argued that they could be sued.



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