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MC Africa asks city slay queens to stay away

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
MC Africa who rose to fame after his Twende Tupaate video challenge went viral, left Mbale for Kampala and changed circles, has suddenly started feeling the heat of what comes with the spotlight.
According to him though, no city slay queen is ever going to detooth him because he has learnt love in Kampala is for buying. His goal now is look for the money and keep it, not spend.
“I am not going to get into this Kampala love that is for buying. Slay queens should tread carefully because if they think they are going to detooth MC Africa, they have missed. I do not have anything to give. I am here to look for it and even if it is there, it has problems to take care of,” said MC Africa while appearing on a local radio station.
He added that his maxim is to look for money, get money and not spend it. Before July 2021, MC Africa was only known in his home village in Mbale. Then a short video singing along to Pia Pound’s Twende Tupaate single changed his life after it became an instant hit. From getting gigs as an MC and media interviews, he featured in the single’s remix released last week with Eddy Kenzo and Pounds.

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