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Mbonye Warns “Scientists”

by Editorial Team
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By Jariat Nakitende

Zoe ministries lead shepherd Prophet Elvis Mbonye is known for coming out to prophesy on events that will happen in the country and other parts of the world. We have seen prophesy several events that have come to pass, but the interpretation on whether he is a true or false Prophet that we cannot determine.

In a special broadcast aired in 2020, Prophet Elvis Mbonye revealed that people will use Covid 19 as an opportunity to drive the situation by creating a world with a system of mandates and controls since the devil works in deception as a tool to drive the world towards the wrong destination.

Last Tuesday, 3rd August 2021 during his weekly fellowship, Mbonye said that it was absurd that the several Christians were falling prey to this folly, he came so bitter with all those that are usually consulted on behalf of the church and Christians regarding the Covid 19 situation saying that they are just pretenders who are not even Christians but just pretenders who call themselves scientists.  He gives an example of online services where people have been reduced to 10 yet a burial congregation has a number of 20 people.

During his speech he mentioned Doctor Monica Musenero and Diana Atwine for stifling the operations of the church since according to him, they wrongly advice the president regarding the opening of churches and other prayer grounds. He went on and argued these scientists to turn away and fear the lord because in a couple of months, they will not know what hit them.

“These people do not know what they are coming against, they are standing in the way of the kingdom of God and because of this, souls are at stake and the kingdom of darkness is having its way. “He said.

Further still, he warned the children of God who are still held in darkness to return to light before they get lost in the world since the stage is being set where there will be the side of light which light shall shine brighter and brighter for those on the side of darkness, it shall grow darker and darker of the extent that it will be so had for them to cross over unto the army of the lord, Mbonye emphasized that there will be no middle ground.

He clearly does not agree with the scientists here since he says, they don’t care about our country like Texas. “we seem to pretend  that there is only one way called science which we take to deal with this Covid 19 situation yet places like Texas have scientists too but they are taking a different way. “ Mbonye said.

He went ahead and compared Uganda to Tanzania saying that the only thing we have against them are conspiracies, but they are doing well because their churches are operating.

Finally he wished that the nation would rise up and choose life over death, faith over fear and inherit its inheritance because there is a lot that is at stake as time unfolds. He adds that it’s time we sustained our motto “for God and my country” instead of lessening it to for science and my country or for religion and my country.

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