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Maurice Kirya withdraws from UMA race

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Crooner Maurice Kirya’s ambitions to lead the Uganda Musicians Association have failed to materialize . On Saturday, there was excitement in the musicians circles when Maurice Kirya, at the beckoning of Bebe Cool, accepted to contest against Cindy Sanyu and Mansoor Semanda (King Saha) for the post of president UMA.

Twenty four hours later, Kirya developed cold feet. He took to social media to reveal that he was withdrawing from the nominations process.

Last week, Bebe Cool fronted Maurice Kirya’s name as the candidate he wanted to nominate in the UMA presidential race.

Bebe who had earlier trashed King Saha’s bid, noted that Kirya was the perfect choice due to his exposure, literacy, good conduct, and discipline, among other qualities.   Kirya accepted the challenge, but later changed his mind shortly after.

” I’m out of the country (Uganda) and thought I would act quick and get back ready for tomorrow’s (Monday) nomination process but unfortunately due to Covid-19 protocols, it hasn’t been possible. I can’t have an early flight as earlier projected,” he reasoned,

Through social media, Kirya noted that he failed to book an early flight back to Uganda on Monday 11th April 2022 which is the official date for the UMA nominations process.

He, however, pledged to continue working for the industry and supporting whichever president will be voted into the office.

” To my fellow Ugandan musicians, my interest in joining the race for UMA President has regrettably come a little too late for my team and I as stipulated by UMA Electoral Commission guidelines.

Therefore, it’s with a heavy heart that I have decided to withdraw my application for the UMA Presidency because I would have preferred to represent myself, to listen to my fellow artists and fellow candidates in person. I will however continue working with artists and contribute to the development of our Ugandan music industry as I always have,” he wrote.

Kirya’s withdrawal leaves two front runners; Cindy, who believes she should be give time to complete what she started and King Saha who is adamant that Cindy hasn’t done enough to unite them as a fraternity



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