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Maurice Kirya returns with ‘The Road To Kirya’ album

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Soulful singer Maurice Kirya has revealed that he will be releasing his sixth studio album, ‘The Road To Kirya’, in May

Taking to his twitter account, the singer revealed that  ‘The Road To Kirya’ is an album that is quite personal to him as it teases a bit of his journey in music.

The singer says that the album will take the world by storm because it possesses “a genre that few Africans have dared to explore.”

He also revealed that he invested much time and money in compiling the album and he regards it “the most expensive album.”

” It’s with great joy that I announce that my sixth album ‘THE ROAD TO KIRYA’ will be released globally on the 6th MAY 2022,” he wrote.

Early this year, Kirya took to twitter to reveal that his  new album will be the most expensive of all the albums he has done before as he spent so much money, time, and dedication on it.

” This by far will be the most expensive album I’ve EVER MADE, I poured my soul and my bank account into it, making such a body of work during a pandemic is no joke, especially with the regulations on shows. I am just so happy that it’s almost ready for you,” he wrote

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