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Maurice Kirya defends modest turnout at Beenie Man Lugogo show

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Maurice Kirya, in the second half of this year, courted a few controversies with a combative approach to questions, occasional low-key calculated jabs and some overtly reckless comments that have left him open to public vitriol.

On Sunday, November 13, he took to his Twitter to defend the modest turnout at Jamaican dancehall star Beenie Man’s concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

He argued that as an artiste, Beenie Man received his full pay despite Ugandans making fun of him.

“While many mocked Beenie Man for a low turnout in Uganda, his bank account got bigger and he might not even remember that particular show. A hardworking employee that gets their expected salary doesn’t sulk about his employer’s bad business decisions,” he tweeted.

Maurice Kirya

A troll replied to Kirya asking him to imagine having a huge bank balance, but zero public appeal like him and his music.

He replied: “On the contrary, not every artiste does that for fame or validation, in the beginning artistes just love music, its power, and its magic. The satisfaction that music brings to an artiste when they ignore fame & validation is priceless and POWERFUL.”
Maurice added: “I certainly don’t make music for the likes of you, you’d be a missed target, your depth on art & music appreciation & understanding would be a little too shallow to meet my satisfaction if at all that’s what I was looking for, certainly your particular validation isn’t valid.”

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