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Marry someone you can defend – Flavia

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By Ahmad Muto
Media personality Flavia Tumusiime is not about to drown in sorrow like many expected given how she has not taken a second to sulk over her husband, Andrew Kabuura’s alleged extra marital shenanigans.
While hosting a Q&A session on her YouTube Channel on Wednesday, September 6, 2021, she asked her fans to desist from the idea marrying people they share a culture with but consider those they are not afraid to defend. She urged ladies to choose, marriage when they are whole, not half; secure and confident.
“You should pick someone you are able to defend that even when you meet your parents, you are not shaky. Stand your ground. My mother told me to finds a partner of my choice so that when there is a storm, I don’t say my mother sent me here. For us we are the same,” explained Flavia.
She added that people like confining relationships to languages and communication with elders of both families forgetting it’s them that are going to spend time together, continuing that she wanted to get married at 25 but didn’t until 30.
“A relationship is much more than a language. So, imagine picking a partner because he can talk to your grandfather? Then you realise he is not sitting with you in the marriage. It is important to get your family’s blessings though. If the two of you are shaky, your parents will sniff it,” she said.

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