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Marriage to Nina Roz wasn’t a bed of roses- Daddy Andre

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Daddy Andre (Andrew Ojambo) and Nina Kankunda (Nina Roz) had a very short-lived whirlwind romance.  It was so short, when they finally broke up, some people joked that they were simply rehearsing a script for an upcoming song.

The couple that was separated at Police after Nina Roz accused the beats producer of conniving to diddle her of her car, a Toyota Mark 11, are on talking terms again, It is rumored that things are even getting heated up between the sheets.

Although both have been tightlipped about their romance before, they are now talking. Daddy Andre has shared his two cents on their affair.

Daddy Andre says that marriage to Nina Roz wasn’t a bed of roses. File Photo

“She picked a wrong man… She still has a lot to learn about love… Marriage was not something for her… I don’t know whether she was pretending or acting, I loved her…” – Daddy Andre said in an interview with Flash TV, Rwanda.  

While speaking to Flash TV Rwanda, Daddy Andre noted how Nina Roz was never prepared for marriage but wanted it so badly even without knowing what it demands.

Marriage is a big thing, before you commit you need to go and find out, “can I be matching with this person in every situation?” What she did maybe is that she fell into something that she didn’t know. She needs to go and learn about love because you cannot decide to fall in love with someone when you do not like him,” he said.The Ugandan producer and singer hinted at the lack of respect between them but it looks like they are ready to navigate that path again.

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