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Mamuli Katumba vows not to forgive Sheebah over ‘cockroach’ remarks

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Mamuli Katumba has said Sheebah Karungi, the vice-president of the newly-formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), embarrassed him so bad at their last meeting that he is yet to teach her a lesson.

According to him, not even an apology from her will get him to forgive, unless it is in the presence of church leaders.

“There will have to be church leaders for me to forgive her. She backed a muvule tree, I am telling you all. It is not over yet. She was calling me a cockroach. But she is going to learn that a bomb does not kill a cockroach,” Mamuli said.

The Naigaga singer also said the encounter with her is responsible for his deteriorating health because he had stabilised until then.

“I have said that if I die in these times, what Sheebah did to me at the meeting is the cause, be it diabetes. I had stabilised, but I am now back on medication,” he claimed.

Mamuli was speaking during an interview with Bukedde TV.

In April, during a federation meeting, Mamuli expressed displeasure with the Uganda performing Rights Society over royalties, accusing them of cheating artistes. However, Sheebah wasn’t impressed and even called security to get him out of the meeting.

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