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Magogo rallies support for East African AFCON 2027 bid

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By Ahmad Muto

In 2022, Kenya, through its cabinet secretary for trade, Moses Kuria, created a buzz around the idea of having the East African Community host the 2027 AFCON. This was after the CAF president, Patrice Motsepe, encouraged the original EAC countries – Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania – to consider a joint bid.  

FUFA president Moses Magogo has now told Parliament that on April 5, 2023, the CAF executive committee opened bids for the countries interested in hosting Africa’s biggest football event. The football federations of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, he said, have agreed to make a joint bid to bring Africa to East Africa for the first time in 66 years.

On his socials, Magogo revealed that in order for Uganda to be able to host the African Cup of Nations (AFCON), it will need six stadiums and six training pitches. Therefore, if three countries are hosting, each will need two stadiums and two training pitches.

He wrote: “Hosting AFCON requires 6 stadiums and 6 training pitches. Three countries hosting means each will needs 2 stadiums and 2 training pitches. With Namboole redone, we need more 1 stadium and 2 training pitches in 4 years from now. With the goodwill of all of us, it is mission possible.”

Magogo noted that hosting the tournament is awarded on plans. A country needs to have infrastructure and the benefits of hosting goes to all people and businesses in the hosting countries.

“1. Hosting #AFCON is awarded on plans not on what you have. 2. As a country, we will only work on sports infrastructure with a time frame in mind if we bid to co-host. 3. The benefit of hosting is for all the people and businesses in Uganda. 4. Three countries co-hosting means each country needs 2 stadiums and 2 training pitches. We already have Namboole once completed. 5. We have the rest of the requirements needed as a country,” he enumerated.

Countries that have never hosted the tournament, Magogo added, are favoured by CAF rules. “@CAF_Online Rules favour those who have never hosted against those who have ever. Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have never hosted. Co-hosting is good for widening, deepening, and tightening the EAC integration. Let all of us support the East African AFCON 2027 bid,” he noted.

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