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Lydia Jazmine resurrects after nine months to lifeless reception

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

After a long spell of sonic drought, singer Lydia Jazmine finally released the audio to her song titled Gwokya nga omuliro on March 6. It came nine months after her last song Omutima that has over half a million views.
The song she teased for months however, sounds more like all her other songs, a disappointment especially to those that imagined the long hiatus was to re-invent her craft, especially sound and lyrics. If you have listened to Masuuka, Omalawo, Nkubanja, Kapeesa, then you have already listened to Gwokya nga omuliro.
Uploaded on media streaming platform, YouTube on March 6, it has been given a rather humble reception – 24,000 views in three days

There were online reports in January that she had was considering quitting music, around the same they claimed she gone back to be managed by her former manager, Bushingtone.

Also in January, she archived all her Instagram photos leaving her over a million followers anxious and trying to decode the meaning of the move. Some even suggested that the account had been hacked. To date however, she has not posted much, only three photos, two of which are artworks of her latest song.

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