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Lydia Jazmine dissed over “ghost” Munyonyo home

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Singer Lydia Nabawanuka a.k.a Lydia Jazmine is not regular on the music circuit but has a penchant for showing off expensive assets.

A couple of days ago, through her Instagram stories, she showed off a mansion and added the caption; “Brought mama and uncle to see our new home.”

With DJ Khaled’s song ‘God Did’ in the background, she revealed she had joined the famous list of landlords in Munyonyo.

She showed off a residential duplex and was quick to drown in the adulation as different entertainment blogs and TV shows rushed to congratulate her for investing wisely.

However, according to other online blogs, the house, which is in the leafy neighborhood belongs to Rich Gang Boss Ed Cheune, a Ugandan businessman previously based in South Africa.

They say Lydia Jazmine is only a new tenant at the house and she was connected by fellow singer Dan Flavor who has been residing there for years.

“She is just a tenant who is hoodwinking her unsuspecting fans. Where did she get the money?” one of them pointed out.

Others pointed out that she was right and could have been celebrating the fact that she is a tenant in flat.

It isn’t the first time the “Masuuka” singer is facing the wrath of the public.

During her birthday she promised to parade a brand-new Mercedes Benz worth sh200m, which was more expensive than the one her former manager Ronnie Mulindwa doled and withdrew from her. It never happened.

Lydia Jazmine declined to discuss specifics of the matter with media when contacted.  She branded us “haters”.

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