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Lydia Jazmine and Ronnie Mulindwa part ways

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

Musician and vocalist Lydia Nabawanuka known to many by her stage name as Lydia Jazmine has officially called it quits with Ronnie Mulindwa who has been managing her career for the past three years.

The two started working together after she broke up with her former management that he was working with after Bushingtone.

When she was celebrating her birthday last year, Mulindwa gifted Lydia a brand a new Mercedes Benz E 320 as a birthday gift for the hard work. On receiving the car, Jazmine she said the car was bought off her money she had worked for.

News coming in says that the reason the two have parted ways is that Ronnie Mulindwa is not happy with how Lydia Jazmine has been acting for the past months reaching an extent of getting bookings and being paid for shows behind his back which is a breach of contract.

“Ronnie warned Lydia against getting bookings and handling shows by herself but she paid a deaf ear which angered him,” says a source close to the two.

“Even when I told her that I will take legal action for breaking the contract, Lydia Jazmine continued with the act said,” Ronnie Mulindwa during a phone call interview.

He also added that their working contract has a period of three years which will be ending soon.

It’s alleged that their contract together was to be ending in the coming few months but they decided to put an end to it as soon as possible.

Jazmine who has been on a vacation trip with Prima and Spice Diana in Dubai hasn’t shared anything about the matter to the public.

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