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Lwasa has never seen my nakedness-Diana Nabatanzi

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By Hussein Kiganda

Television personality Diana Nabatanzi has cleared the air on whether she shared bedsheets with Masaka-based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

In one of her shows, the TV host and actress stated that Lwasa made romantic gestures towards her, but she turned down him because she would not force a relationship without feelings.

In 2021, it was alleged that the affluent businessman had a sexual fling with Diana Nabatanzi but the two terminated the relationship as she was allegedly unsatisfactory in bed.

Well, Nabatanzi does not agree with the allegations. She claimed that she has never shared a bed with Lwasa and can never share one with rich men around town.

“I only go to bed with a man that I truly love. No one can force love. Some individuals have claimed to have had intimate relationships with me, but that’s not true,” she said.

“You may give yourself titles such as the wealthy Masaka businessman and assume that wealth is the sole criteria, but I rejected you. I do not have sex with individuals solely because of their financial status,” she added.

Nabatanzi emphasized that love cannot be imposed; rather, it should arise from one’s emotions.

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