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Lwasa eyes Zari, netizens level him

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Masaka-based city socialite Emmanuel Lwasa  has a trophy woman up on his sleeve.  Following his acrimonious break up with the gorgeous Angel Kwakunda, He is now planning for a trophy woman. He has set his sights on Ugandan born South African based socialite Zari. However, netizens  think he is punching above his weight.  On Thursday , the tycoon posted a photo on his Facebook page, praising Zari as the most beautiful woman in Kampala, something that has since raised dust on internet.
“Zari the boss lady, omulungi wa Kampala,” he wrote.
To this, netizens took to the comment section and reminded him of his level. Some of them pointed out his failure to keep his earlier girlfriends and his inability to speak fluent English.
“Mwanyinaze Lwasa, that lady is a legend, I mean in bed,go slow. Otherwise that your sausage  does not manage her…,” Princess Essie Nvule wrote.
“Lwaki tosigade ku bu angel bwo obwa laisi”, Angie Pam commented.
“She’s richer than you in all…respect her routes,” Byarubanga Robert wrote.
“Lwasa oyagala kwetega but I can’t manage her,” Moureen KB said.
“Naye uncle, kituffu she’s beautiful naye U can’t, all in all Zari speaking English, how can U manage…,” Rickman Buswanga wrote.

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