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Lt. Gen. Muhoozi interrogates Mwenda over Sheebah molestation

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Celebrated media personality Andrew Mwenda’s back is against the ropes.  

He is busy fighting off claims that he had a hand in Sheebah Karungi’s sexual molestation saga.

With social media ganged up against him, Mwenda can breathe easy considering he has unequivocal support from Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba the Commander of Land Forces (UPDF).

After Mwenda took to rant over Sheebah, Lt. Gen Muhoozi interjected and absolved Mwenda of any culpability.

  He wrote: “I have read all your comments about @Ksheebah1, I have seriously interrogated my brother

@AndrewMwenda and he says he has never met the lady. So, this is definitely another fake story!!”

  Following his message, many concluded it might be a stunt. Prillah Bagaya wrote: “Indeed some people make stunts to keep in news… there’s a lot to talk about than that!

Mwenda took to twitter on Friday to blast Sheebah, claiming the whole story is a fabrication. He dismissed her claim to have been assaulted as pure fiction and ‘sickening’.

“A local musician known as Sheebah Karungi went on YouTube with a video. She claimed that some man who appears on television and presents himself as a role model raped her.

She does not reveal the name of this man but claims this man has SFC guards and that the incident happened at an event where she performed. Yet she does not mention the event, the date, time and place of her rape,” he wrote.

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