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Loukman Ali nearly abandoned production of his first Netflix film

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By Ahmad Muto

Cinematographer Loukman Ali nearly abandoned his The Girl In The Yellow Jumper film that later became Uganda’s first on Netflix.

He said he got a problem with sound and realised fixing it was going to drain him, until one of his friends talked him into redoing the whole voicing.

They had to go back to studio to recreate every single effect and sync with the picture, using automated dialogue replacement (ADR), which is the process of re-recording an actor’s dialogue in a quiet environment. It was a very cumbersome process, Loukman said.  

“There was a problem with sound. We did the whole movie ADR. The whole movie was redubbed. It took us over a month to redo it. I’d bring in the actors one by one to recreate the stammers and everything. There is actually a guy called Joel. I had told him that I was not going to release the movie. That was what I felt. But he encouraged me to release it. And I did. It is the one that became a huge success,” said Loukman.

He also noted that The Girl In The Yellow Jumper was his first written film. He used to do only commercials.

The film released in 2020 got on movie streaming site Netflix in November 2021. It became available for streaming on Boxing Day (December 26, 2021), becoming Uganda’s first on the platform.

It stars Maurice Kirya, Michael Wawuyo, Michael Wawuyo Jr., Philip Luswata, Rehema Nanfuka and Oyenbot.

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