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Local TV interviews ruining artistes’ brands- Bugingo

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

While some musicians are financially successful enough to focus exclusively on music, most aren’t quite so lucky.

For the average Ugandan musician, making a living can be a difficult puzzle to figure out.  They have since found one avenue- make as many appearances on TV and thrust one’s music (brand) in the faces of the audience.

It has come to be embraced as the norm.  Whereas it has worked for some musicians, notably Hajara Namukwaya (Spice Diana), Aroma and a host others, comedian and copyrighting expert, Hannington Bugingo believes it ruins careers in the long run.

While appearing on Urban Television, Rush Hour show, Bugingo, also president of The Uganda Comedians Association, (TUCA) advised musicians to stop doing live television interviews.

He says that  the interviews have lost their relevance and only ruin artistes’ brands.

“Initially, Ugandan artistes thought that being invited for interviews on TV stations promoted their brands but over the years, they have realized that it just kills them,” Bugingo stated.

“Ugandan presenters rarely ask you about your music or management. Most of what they ask is whether it is true you are dating so and so, stole someone’s song, or what you have to comment about another artiste or person who attacked you,” he added.


He said that when artistes appear on TV interviews, most of the time is taken discussing irrelevant topics concerning their private lives and little attention is given to their art and brands.


In the due course, the artistes’ brands are damaged as they continue to expose their private weaknesses in public instead of expressing the strengths of their art.



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