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Local Dancers clash over Gulu trek

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Like Musicians, dancers have also created two rival associations in a desperate bid to siphon money from Gen. Salim Saleh in Gulu. They are now clashing over eligibility and the back and forth bickering just got ugly.

Last week, one association, The Dancers Association Of Uganda(DAU) woke up from a long slumber. They claimed their intention is to bring all dancers together into one voice. This was led by dancers who have been in the limelight, like Eddy Wizzy, Wembley Mo and others. 

A few days after, another association known as United Dancers Association Uganda(UDAU sprouted from the blue. Led by a one Musa Tree who accused the  dancers in the other association of appointing a person who is not a dancer as the leader. 

“Those are not dancers. How can you tell me that Ticha (theTriplets Ghetto Kids’ manager) Is a dancer. How can we be led a person who is not a dancer?Those guys, Wembley and Wizzy connived with Ticha to take over the association. We also need a voice. We who are not being heard…,”MusaTree fumed.

The Ticha they are referring to is  a one Dauda Kavuma who is the manager to the Triplets Ghetto Kids. In an interview, Kavuma said that he is capable of leading the dancers because he has managed to groom a number of the best dancers.

“My aim is bringing them all together and mould them into better people who will earn from their talent. I have managed a number of them and I am capable of making them better…,”he said.

In these recent times, a number of associations have been made. All these have been to be able to go to Gulu, in order to meet Gen.Salim Saleh who is reported to be giving out aid to artists.

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