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Lilian Mbabazi unfazed Weasel might sell Radio’s music

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
According to singer Lillian Mbabazi, she is not moved by the news that local artistes are on the verge of selling their music, following meetings by a section with the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) in Gulu. It was reported Chameleone had sold his catalogue for sh3.5b, but he said this week that those a rumours by his detractors. 
Lilian’s baby daddy, the late Mowzey Radio was Weasel’s singing partner under Goodlyfe Music and after his death, there was contention in regards to his old and unreleased songs that were reportedly being used by other artistes, Goodlyfe and Angel Music management.
Mbabazi said she is not worried about Radio’s catalogue because his estate is under the Administrator General. 
“Of course the law is the law. And right now, the estate of the late is still under the Administrator General, so whatever he (Weasel) decides to do, that is on him. But the law is the law,” she said. 
A list emerged over a week ago allegedly from the United Super Stars Association indicating that Weasel was set to get sh650m as Covid-19 stimulus fund. OWC later denied receiving the letter.

In January 2019, the Administrator General ordered the management of Goodlyfe and Angel Music to desist from releasing or performing new songs left behind by the singer who passed away on February 1, 2018 succumbing to injuries from a bar fight. Around the time the report came out, Weasel and Mbabazi were ruthlessly clashing in the media over Radio’s songs and properties. Lilian had two children with Radio.

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