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Let’s preserve our culture, Thelma Awori 

by Editorial Team
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By Simon Peter Tumwine

The Honorary Consul General of Liberia to Uganda Thelma Awori has appealed to Ugandans to preserve their culture noting that it’s what makes us who we are.

Speaking during the launch of Tembuzi cultural fun park on Saturday, Awori noted that our culture is degrading because we have started adopting the white man’s culture.

Dancers put up a spirited performance during the festival. Photo. Simon Peter Tumwine

When Sheila Kawamara Mishambi told me to come and visit her place, I was hesitant to come because am very busy, and trust me if you asked me some things that I did yesterday, I might have forgotten them but look at what she has built.

This is something great. She is indeed a strong woman and a woman of substance. She is trying hard to preserve Ugandan culture, Awori said.

Chief Guest Thelma Awori during the festival over the weekend. Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine.

She also said, “eeeh I didn’t know that basoga can shout and dance like this. I thought it was only the Bagishu and Acholi who make a lot of noise while dancing.”

There were full theatrics during the performances. Photo Simon Peter Tumwine.

She said, “When am going back to Liberia, am going to take part of these instruments to some Ugandans that reside there I don’t want them to forget who they are.”

Mishambi the director of the park said “Ugandan culture is fading away. Can you imagine when you talk of backcloth, animal skins, drums, and gourd “Endeku” these dotcom babies will call them satanic objects.”

She revealed that every Sunday, they will be hosting cultural performers at their premises.

Sheila Kawamara Mishambi of Tembuzi Cultural Park with a guest. Photo. Simon Peter Tumwine

The day started at around 12:00pm with the cultural troupes preparing their instruments and doing their enactment

The guests  at Tembuzi cultural fun park were dosed with a blend of cultural performances from Nkwazi and Dhivuge cultural troupes that performed the Kadoodi dance from the gishu, Lakaraka dance, Kinyarwanda dance Basoga dance.

A lady dancing a ekitaguriro Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine

It was unbridled fun and splendor performance from ladies in Nkawzi cultural troupe who performed ntwara amata ganje “Am taking my milk” as they shook their waists and bodies if they were being electrified.

Angel Kabera doing musical poetry during the event Photo by Simon Peter Tumwine

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