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Leila Kayondo denies ever dating SK Mbuga

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Singer Leila Kayondo is all the rage. Just weeks after lambasting her on-off lover, tycoon SK Mbuga, warning him to never step at her premises again, she now claims that they have never dated.

In an interview on Tuesday, Leilah Kayondo denied ever getting intimate with the married Mbuga. She insists that they were just business partners who occasionally enjoyed life.

Leila Kayondo and city tycoon SK Mbuga were together for about three years from around 2012. To the outside world they were lovers because they acted like they were in love.

“I have never dated him. We were just two friends enjoying life. Just know we used to be business partners,” she said before revealing that she regrets ever knowing him. 

She also revealed that Mbuga took back whatever he gave her and promised never to talk about him again.

 Leila Kayondo has followed up her vow with a song titled “Singa Namanya” (translated as “I Wish I Knew”)

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