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Leave the Afghans alone – Crysto Panda warned

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Rapper Buka Chimey and Crysto Panda are the only two local rappers left fighting over catchphrases while Mun*G takes a break after dominating that area for a decade.

It should be noted that the two exchanged words over the catchphrase Ebiluma abayaye after they both released songs with the same title in 2020. Chimey even accused Panda of paying DJs and media houses not to play his song.

Now, given the excitement with which Ugandans received the news about Uganda’s plans to take in 2,000 Afghan refugees following the fall of the Afghan government to the Taliban, Chimey suspects Panda could be working on something. He has therefore warned him to stay away from the topic to avoid confrontation or to release first so he does not get overshadowed.

He argued that last year he was the first to release a song titled Ebiluma abayaye only for Panda to do the same shortly after, sparking a battle for supremacy. He claimed Panda’s song had failed because of weak instrumentation and lyricism until Bukedde FM’s Ssuna Ben saved him with his unique sound dubbed Kinyanyanyanya.

“Lyrically I am mature. My production team is powerful. Releasing first will help him, he is my student.  But I think he should drop the idea of jumping on catchphrases. I am telling him because I am tired of conflicts. My Ebiluma abayaye song brought problems. If he was not rescued by Ssuna Ben, that song would not have gone anywhere,” he explained.   

In response, Panda has stated that he has no plans of jumping on a song about the Afghans or one by that title. He reasoned that people like Chimey just want to use others to create buzz around their projects, adding that people trolled him saying he was going to do a lock down song which he did not do.

In July this year, Chimey begged Panda not to release a song title Pulosesi by pulosesi claiming he had already recorded one about it. This was after veteran media personality and legislator Peter Ssematimba’s baby mama and former maid popularised it during interviews about her woes with Ssematimba.

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