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Lawyer Male Mabirizi set to be released from prison

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By Alfred Byenkya

Lawyer Male Mabirizi has said he will be released from prison on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

He noted that the law allows the State to release him before the 18 months prison sentence is over.

“Each prisoner, on admission, shall be credited with the full amount of remission (one third of sentence) states section 84(2) of the prisons act 2006. Applying one third of (Justice Musa) Ssekana’s unlawful and challenged 18 months imprisonment makes 12 months, falling on 26th, February, 2023,” he said in a statement, which was shared on various social media platforms.

Mabirizi also said Section 83(3) states that if the date falls on a Sunday…. “he or she shall be released before noon on the day preceding the Sunday, making the day Saturday, February 25, 2023 before midday.”

According to his programme, he will be released from Luzira Maximum Prison on February 25 at exactly 9:00am and thereafter, he will hold a press conference on Facebook.

On Sunday, February 26, 2023, he will do a question-and-answer on Facebook.

In February, 2022, the High Court in Kampala sentenced Mabirizi to 18 months imprisonment over contempt of court.

State Attorney Patricia Mutesi told High Court to convict him because he had continued making contemptuous posts on his social media platforms in which he attacked Justice Musa Ssekaana and the Judiciary.

Mutesi noted that in one of his social media posts, Mabirizi described the sh300m fine as being null and void, a statement she said was an attack on courts of law and the Judiciary.

After his conviction, Mabirizi asked the court of appeal to nullify his conviction, but the court didn’t do so and was sent back to prison up to today.

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