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Landlords should stop following tenants on social media – Bad Black

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By Ahmad Muto
Socialite Bad Black has revealed that the reason her former landlady forced her out was envy that stemmed from her social media shenanigans.
She said her landlady followed her fiancé, Asha’s proposal, combed through her social media and savoured the moments, and later heard that their wedding was set to happen in Zanzibar. 
“Have where you stop. She followed me on social media and because she is a landlady, she got jealous. She saw my wedding coming, was demanding me two months. Just two and we are in a lock down,” she said. 
Bad Black claims she was notified by the landlady’s estate manager that she was following her every move on Snapchat and was complaining about her extravagant lifestyle. And that was the reason they hastily served her an eviction notice to vacate the Bukasa Lane, Butabika property. 
“She has been following me on Snapchat. Her lawyer who is managing the estate called me and said she complained about me spending my time on trips, having fun in Zanzibar at expensive hotels spending $3,000. She hates seeing me with my man having a good time. I had asked for one month to clear the two months, but they refused,” she said. 
According to leaked screenshots of comedian Patrick Salvado with Facebook gossip girl Ritah Kagwa, Bad Black fled at 2:00am in late July leaving behind rent arrears of over sh40m plus water bill of sh2.5m. But Bad Black argued that she paid $1,600 (about sh6m) monthly, it has accumulated to $5,000 (sh18m) and she paid 1,000 (sh3.7m) a few days before she left. 

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