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Lady Mariam rubbishes claims she is dating Melody

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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer lady Mariam known for her hit song “Tindatine” has dismissed the rumours that he and Melody are sharing bedsheets.

During an interview, Mariam said that the two are just tight buddies that have learned to live and enjoy life together.

“Melody is my tight buddy, we have been friends for a long and have helped one another,” she said. 

Hinting at her hit song, she said “Tindatine” was her biggest hit and shall always remain. She reminded her fans that she had outed a number of other songs and is currently working on several more.

That’s my biggest song ever and shall always be. I am not lost, I am doing so much music only that maybe some of you do not get the chance to hear it. I currently have so many songs in the studio and they will be out soon,” she said.

Over a decade ago, Lady Mariam was the queen of music in Western Uganda, attracting competition from Sister Charity, Agatha Kafoko, and a few others.

When she relocated to Kampala and started releasing Luganda songs, she found herself losing the crown to the likes of Sister Charity, Penny Patra, Omega 256, Emily Kikazi, Peace Kyamukongwire, Best Emily, Shine Omukiga, Lady Diana, and the rest.

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