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Kushona showcases new modern fashion design collections

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By Ivan Kabuye

As a norm for the house to celebrate its existence every year, Kushona Fashion Designs came up with something different for this year 2022 as they showcased new designs and styles of clothings.

The renowned design house showcased modern dressings from wedding gowns, party dresses, men suites and gomesis that took place at their new shop in Kampala on Friday.

What stood out for me was the different modern gomesi dressings showcased by the models as they looked simple and fancy and the fact that they didn’t need much wrapping compared to the ordinary gomesi.

The Custom made “busuutis” in bright bold colors and intricate embroidery for men were also a stand out for male models.

Perhaps the audience, favorite part of the show was when models took the runway dancing with the female models.

Kenneth Mugabi performed during the showcase as Kushona made the last runway showcasing a modern bridal gown.

The event was wrapped up with a cake cutting as the house went on to celebrate their 15 years of existence.

Mariam Ndagire also graced the occasion as she also happened to make it to the runway.

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