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Kiwewesi wedding one of the most expensive in Uganda

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By Kampala Sun Writer

Pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi of Kansanga Miracle Centre Church and Barbra Sasha, then of Uganda Telecom, wedded on June 30, 2007 in one of the most expensive weddings of the time, costing over sh300m.

At 23, Sasha had been dismissed as too young for the then 38-year-old Kiwewesi, but love won.

The couple said their vows from Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral, the church of Kiwewesi’s spiritual father, Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Guests revealed that an emotional Sasha fought back tears of joy as she said ‘I do’ to her Prince Charming.

With 12 maids and 12 groomsmen, the duo later hosted their guests to a reception at Namboole Stadium.

Comparisons were drawn between the newlyweds’ ginormous six-tier cake and that of the Kabaka and the Nnabagereka in 1999.

The Kiwewesis’ wedding was attended by the high and mighty of the land, among them Toro King Oyo Nyimba and Queen Mother Best Kemigisa.

Fifteen years later, the couple is going through a divorce.

Sasha has asked the Family Division of the High Court to compel her husband to give her $3,000 (sh10.8m) monthly for healthcare, education, and other personal needs of the family currently residing in the US.

She says she is also entitled to 50% of their family property.

Additionally, Sasha wants seven motor vehicles, seven plots of land, shares in several companies, savings on bank accounts and a matrimonial home in Kansanga.

On top of that, she also seeks an order of joint custody of their children who are of tender age. They are Joana Kyobe, 12, Isaac Kyobe, 11, and Jaydyn Kyobe, 7.

The former lovebirds have levelled accusations of desertion, psychological torture and denial of conjugal rights, among others, against each other.

The couple after saying ‘I do’ at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral on June 30, 2007

Family and friends pray for the newlyweds



The couple is joined by the King of Toro, Oyo Nyimba (right) and his mother Best Kemigisa at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral

Sasha feeds her then new husband at Namboole Stadium



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