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King Saha opens up about Allan Hendricks’ diss track

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer King Saha(real name Mansur Ssemanda) has revealed that he has not yet got time to listen to “Matayo”, a song sung by Allan Hendricks (Bebe Cool’s son) in response to his earlier song called “Zakayo”.

Talking to journalists on Tuesday, the singer hinted that he has not yet heard about the song but he is going to look for it and listen to it.

“Matayo! I have not yet heard about it but I think I will consider listening to it,” he said.

About duplicating the same song into another, King Saha said it only takes a great fan to do such a thing and he thinks if Hendricks did it, he is just a fan who needs to be closer to him.

“If his song sounds exactly like me, with the same beats, and some similar words in Zakayo, then I think he just likes the song and he is a great fan,” he asserted.

King Saha outed his “Zakayo” song in May and this has been perceived as a stone cast at Bebe Cool for saying that he(King Saha) is not fit enough to lead the Uganda Musicians Association. Hendricks outed “Matayo” in the shield of his father. He outed it this month.

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