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King Saha bashed over “dragon” breath

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Radio personality and event emcee Brian Mulondo boldly called out singer Mansur Semanda (King Saha) claiming he exudes an unbearable oral stench.  

According to Mulondo, Saha, the Uganda Music Association (UMA) presidential contestant has made it a habit to attend corporate functions and weddings while carrying a horrible stench from marijuana.

“Please King Saha’s manager should get him chewing gum when coming for weddings and other corporate gigs. Let’s be professional. No one tells you to stop smoking weed, but when you’re going for a corporate gig, it smells,” Mulondo strongly stated.

He continued, “These musicians stink, you may think they don’t shower. Some of them drink so much and even come to our interviews drunk and stinking so badly. There are some we chase from our shows. Please be better. You cannot want to be big when you’re not doing the basics of showering and wearing deodorants.”

The issue of artistes and hygiene has in the recent past caused friction.  A long list has been drawn with claims that a number of musicians do not do even adhere to the bare minimum of brushing their teeth, and self-grooming.  They argue that it has nothing to do with the availability or lack of money.

King Saha joins a long list of international celebrities who have been called out for bad breath. Some of these include actor Be Affleck, singer Brittney Spears, Lamar, Odom, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp among others.

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