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King Saha attacks Cindy again

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

King Saha has again accused singer Cindy Sanyu, the president of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), of doing nothing for musicians. He said even when some musicians complained about her, nothing has changed.

“We don’t believe in her because she has done nothing for us. Go and ask most of the known musicians what she has done for them. I only see her pregnant. That is what annoys me,” he said.

King Saha revealed that he hasn’t yet given up on his plans of contesting for UMA presidency.

“I still have my files in my office. Voting was put on hold. If it resumes, I will still stand for the position. I don’t want to cause chaos. Being stubborn in the music industry doesn’t work,” he said.

In 2022, the UMA electoral commission held an electronic voting process for UMA presidency, where Cindy emerged the winner. However, King Saha, who had contested for the same position, rubbished the results, claiming that the election was rigged.

He also claimed that the voting system wasn’t authentic. This prompted the UMA electoral commission to cancel whatever was generated from the voting process.

It revealed that a fresh date for the election would be announced, but up to now, nothing has been done.

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