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King Michael scoffs at naysayers, vows to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval

by Editorial Team
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By Mariam Nakalema 

Following the successful music shows held at Lugogo Cricket Oval over the last few months, DJ Michael has also vowed to fill the venue despite criticism.

DJ Michael said his show will take place on September 15.

“Let me take this opportunity to let you know that I have confirmed the date of my concert and the venue. I and my big sponsors can’t wait to celebrate with you that day,” King Michael said in an Instagram post.

However, his announcement attracted scoffers, who expressed doubt that he would fill the venue, owing to his fading music career. Blogger Isma Olaxess wondered whether King Michael was just making jokes, saying the musician can’t get even fill a half of cricket oval.

King Michael has, however, stuck to his guns of performing there.

“Ugandans don’t believe in their own talents. They don’t know that I am a great artiste. I am a legend. Many youth want to be like me and this time around, I have to fill up cricket oval. Last time many artistes disappointed me. They pretended to be my friends, but did not turn up,” King Michael lamented.

During earlier shows, King Michael failed to fill Freedom City , on Entebbe Road, which is smaller than the cricket oval.

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