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KIGAMPALA: Showdown as Rwanda, Uganda meet at Cricket Oval this weekend

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By Kellen Owente

Uganda is set to host the first-ever joint culture entertainment festival, bringing together Rwanda and Uganda at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala on Saturday, December 17. 

The show will be a joint expo for the two brotherly countries to promote togetherness and unity, where “we see the culture of two countries through entertainment.” 

Artistes from the two countries will bless the event in what has been dubbed the ‘Kigampala’. 

According to Paul Mulangira, the lead organiser of the event, the concept of the festival stems from the relationship “we have between Rwanda and Uganda.” 

“Many Ugandans have roots in Rwanda and many Rwandans have roots in Uganda,” he explained.

“So, the relationship has been strong and it’s a big bond we would like to celebrate. We share a lot in terms of culture, tourism, and music,” Mulangira said.

According to him, a number of artistes in Rwanda are doing a lot of collaborations with Ugandans.

“So KIGAMPALA is where Uganda meets Rwanda. We shall celebrate in Kampala this year and Kigali next year. Right now, if you look at the trip from Kigali to Kampala through Katuna, there is a lot to learn about each of the countries.”

Some of the artistes expected to grace Kigampala include

1. Bruce Melody 

2. Ray G 

3. Levixon 

4. The Ben 

5. Salvador 

6.Daddy Andre 

7.Lydia Jazmine 

8.Ykee Benda 



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