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Kenzo should apologise – Ronald Mayinja

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer and politician Ronald Mayinja has implored Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo to apologise to the public for saying his music career is far better than the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya’s.

Mayinja said this while appearing on Urban Television’s Rush Hour show on Thursday, March 2, 2023.

In February, Kenzo redid Lutaaya’s Born in Africa song. After his version was slammed, Kenzo defended himself, saying he has music videos on streaming site YouTube with over 100 million views yet Lutaaya’s have one million views at most over many years.

According to Mayinja, Kenzo went too far, not realising people immortalised Lutaaya.

Mayinja said the only option left is for Kenzo to withdraw the statements he made and apologise.

If he says he is better, Mayinja wondered, then why did he redo that song, instead of creating his own?

Mayinja also said if any artiste redid his song, he wouldn’t expect them to sound like him, but would have a problem if they said they are better.

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