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Kenzo responds to ‘Tupaate’ critics

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Eddy Kenzo has responded to the Twende Tupaate remix critics accusing him of ruining a good song that was doing well on its own. He has been bashed heavily online in regards to his verse that has been branded shallow and poorly crafted.
Through his social media pages on Saturday, September 4, 2021, he shared a photo of him with singer Pia Pounds who did the original song and said it is a pity for his detractors because the song is trending number one. He did not mention where though. “Every day is a party day. Abampalana ngamulabye. We are trending No.1 Shine bright Pia Pounds.”
The opinions that were being shared across social media suddenly made their way to him directly, courtesy of the post/tweet. As much as quite a number felt the remix was not necessary, others said it is a great song.
@Swagadat: “The remix was not necessary though.”
@Cuynak: “You should learn to accept constructive criticism. I loved Pia’s song before it became popular. The version with you is horrible. Fact, not hating.”
However, those that have appreciated the remix say it is going to go places, and even surpass the original. 
@Derrick Kaana: “The remix is going to get more views than the original in a shorter period of time, because of your touch.”
@EddiesKEdward1: “Yes, you can criticise, but the truth is the guy added a lot on Pia Pound’s career. First Pia had how many subscribers on her YouTube Channel? Then see how it is! Wamma Eddy Kenzo the song is trending.”
Twende Tupaate was released by Pia Pounds 11 months ago, but only picked up in earnest in late July and topped the Apple Music top songs in Uganda in early August. How? A then Mbale based MC Africa shared a video online singing along to the song off a dry cell battery radio that went viral, instantly turning the song into a hit and getting MC Africa from Mbale to Kampala.

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