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Kenzo is just a friend, says Miss Uganda Hannah Tumukunde

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By Joan Murungi

When Hannah Karema Tumukunde was announced as Miss Uganda 2023/2024 on March 18, word on the grapevine was that she is singer Eddy Kenzo’s girlfriend.

Some people alleged that the beauty queen has been in numerous relationships with celebrities, whereas others suggested that Tumukunde did not deserve to win.

Speaking to The Kampala Sun, Tumukunde laughed off the allegations.

She friend-zoned Sitya Loss singer Kenzo, explaining that he is just a friend she got to know through her siblings.

“I have never dated anyone in the entertainment industry. Eddy Kenzo is just a family friend. It’s okay for people to always judge you because they will always judge. It is up to you, as a person, to know how you are going to handle it and also go about it.”

Tumukunde noted that she is still young for relationships.

She further added: “In this life, you do not have to prove a point to someone because when you prove a point, you end up hurting yourself. People will start to know the real me with time. I believe am a sweet person. Even when you bulls**t me on the internet, I will bypass you and say hello with a smile.”

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